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Observing the entire history of music composing we have come to several questions that are for sure interesting and many people wonder about them:

Can we give a definition and imitate the process of creating "good music composition?"
If we turn millions of existing tones into numbers, can we find some patterns?
Do you think there is a connection between music and mathematics?
Can books on theory of composition be turned into algorithms?
Can a "music inspiration" software be created?

What you need for a new song? That's easy question: new composition, new lyrics and arrangement.

What you need for a new composition? New idea? Inspiration? Love and broken heart? Silence? Let's face the problem:

There are many applications to help you when you have good idea: audio editors, samplers, VST plugins, .. But, is there any application to help you against lack of inspiration? That's category that needs to be invented or reinvented.

Back in year 2005 we started to translate composing theory to algorithms. We made numeric analysis of thousand and thousand songs. We spent hundreds of hours listening and improving application. And we think we have the cure for lack of inspiration. It's natural. It's application. And the results are amazing and scaring.

The software is pretty easy for usage. Let us put it this way: image you have a small band. The band plays only new song. And listens to your wishes. “Guys, guys! Give some jazz/Spanish/gipsy/etc. style! And make it be in C#.” You than listen to your band. This band needs neither drinks nor breaks. All you have to do is listen to them; while you rest, do something or read a book… After a while, you find some motive you really like. You believe it could be a light motive of a good song. You “tell” your band to stop. “Give me that as midi format, I’ll take it from here.” Virtual Music Composer will give you a basic idea, light motive, a phrase. You choose instruments, determine tempo of a song and arrange it. And that’s it! The song is yours! This is for real: Virtual Music Composer will never ask for copyright. You can use yor song any way you like: some of our clients use VMC for composing music, making theme for a theatre play etc. Looking for royalty free theme for an exhibition, or fashion show? No problem - with VMC assistance you will have it very soon! This is a major new pro music tool and it's for everyone: you don't need to be musician to use it!

How to use Virtual Music Composer

Whatever style of music you write, the melody / tune that is carried throughout the song that is most remembered. With Virtual Music Composer you just listen to the music and create your own songs in your own way. Get ideas. Be inspired. It's sometimes much more then just inspiration, it's sometimes already your new song / composition... Make your own music, even if you aren't too familiar with computers, or you don't play a piano, guitar,...

Virtual Music Composer is a software which allow you to create your own musical theme in any way you want. The software has incorporated many musical themes - which could be listened - and the ones which could be used as a base for your own arrangement. Virtual Music composer is based on computer generated music which is in category of royalty free music. This means that it can be used for further development, editing and distribution. Therefore, Virtual Music Composer represents a huge achievement to the music theory, or to be more precisely, to music composing theory. Musical themes developed by using this software are often used at public event, public, as theatre music, for exhibition, podcasting etc.

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Only for you we have created our YouTube channel with our latest compositions. You will always be able to see our top 5 to 10 compositions, which are generated using our Fullharmony version without any additional changes. To keep in touch with our activities please subscribe here!

Virtual Music Composer 4.0 is extremely easy and simple to use.
It doesn't matter what level of music skill or experience you have.
Now it's the right time to buy a right tool to work with.
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